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Hoctor Smyth provide design services for Landscape Architecture and Garden Design.


We seek innovative design solutions that are place specific and we welcome the opportunity to explore a sites inherent qualities and reveal it’s unique story.  We believe that meaning for site is unveiled through detailed site exploration.  The inner fibres of that environment are teased out, explored and rewoven until a new landscape solution emerges; one that has meaning and is able to be enjoyed by all who interact with it.


The below selected projects illustrate some of our work to date.

Stargate portal 1
The Kinnitty Garden 1
Birr Garden (2)
Birr Garden (7)
Birr Garden (4)
Birr Garden (8)
Tullamore Garden1
Tullamore Garden 2
River Oaks 1
Stargate portal 3
Riverstown Garden
Coolderry Garden (1)
Coolderry Garden (2)
Coolderry Garden (1)
Coolderry Garden (4)
Coolderry Garden (3)
Offaly Garden
Offaly Garden 3
The Kinnitty Garden 2
The Kinnitty Garden 4
The Kinnitty Garden 3
The Kinnitty Garden 5
The Kinnitty Garden 6
The Tullamore Garden 1
The Tullamore Garden 2
The Tullamore Garden 3
Stargate portal 2
Stargate portal 4
The Kinnitty Garden 7
Custom circular tree bench
The Banagher Garden
The Riverstown Garden 1
The Riverstown Garden 2
The Riverstown Garden 3
River Oaks 2
Offaly Garden Viewing Void
The Highett Garden 1
The Highett Garden 2
St Georges Courtyard
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