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Who we are

HoctorSmyth is a multidisciplinary design practice which offers expertise in Architecture, Engineering and Landscape Architecture.


The company was established in January 2007 by Shane Smyth, a qualified Architect, and Kieran Hoctor, a chartered structural Engineer. The high level of qualification and experience of the Directors enables HoctorSmyth to provide a quality product to its clients.

HoctorSmyth has a strong focus on professionalism and customer service, keeping the Client involved in the project at all stages. HoctorSmyth believes in creative, intelligent and practical design that will satisfy the Client's project requirements, and designing in sympathy with the local environment. 

Our Team

Shane Smyth


Lead Designer

Tel: 057 912 2856

Kieran Hoctor



Tel: 057 912 2856

Martina Hoctor

Office Manager

Tel: 057 912 2856

Paddy Ryan

Chartered Engineer

Tel: 057 912 2856

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